Monday, March 9, 2009

The President's Speech

Hi folks,
welcome to the live edition of The Galactic Herald.
Most of you must be aware that last week a new person got elected to the post of President.(For those of you folks who have pre-ordered this copy at our discounted price of 3 virgins, this is news from next week).The candidate's comfortable win is largely attributed to the two campaign promises which he had made. One of which included, revealing his identity if elected. The second one is insignificant and can be omitted.
Now, as per his promise he should be revealing his identity during the inaugural address. Many have gathered to witness this.

Scene at the capital:

The reporter: After much waiting, and swearing, the moment finally arrives.
The other reporter: The Inaugural Speech by the eleventy third President of Andromeda:

The President: My fellow dudes, thank you for coming, but I am hungry now, so see ya!

Most of the 34.4 gazillion dudes who were waiting there: *blink* *blink* WTF?
a dude at a distance: WTF?, my c==========================================================8 is longer than that speech
one of the 3 wise men: lets get back to that star search.
3 little wolves and 1 pig: (wait a minute, something isn't right here.)

The reporter: As you can see now, the President just finished addressing the citizens of the Galaxy, and is now boarding his Air Farce One.
The other reporter: Thats right!, But we'll come back with more in a short while. Until then, its back to the editors desk.

note: WTF is a sacred mantra used by the alphaQnow tribe at a distant end of the galaxy(no not that,...the other end), but it can also be associated with other things. According to alphaQnow tribe folklore, the origin of WTF is linked to a certain bathtime story, which goes like this, "There was once a man in a distant land and he happily lived ever after". Once the story is complete the listener invariably says WTF

note: The c==8 is generally found on, but not restricted to, mammals and reptiles. Earthlings call it deek 

Back at the editors desk:

Oh well, You heard it folks. Thats all for now.
But be sure to read the next issue where we will interview the onlookers.
see ya!