Tuesday, May 6, 2008

gov of andromeda wants you to run for prez(the first ad in The Galactic Herald !)

The gov.of Andromeda is looking for a new president. Those who are interested can apply!

But it has certain requirements:
1)you need to have mowhak (and be pefrect at splleing tinghs almosst abuot soemwhat notsooprecisely incoorectly inthe mostunofficious fashhion taht coulldnt be unndesirable.however if you can make things hard to understand its a bonus)
2)you need to dance like a fool in front of your farm house till the bull laughs

3)you need at least 1383.4 tattoos on your pinky
4)be an expert at juggling refreidgireactors(or what ever)
5)your fart must contain 23%methnae,72%hydrogennited wuidfaskjfhsa asfkhas peroxide,45.37854287658724dsfsdg% oxygen and 706.3434% stink
6)you should be able to receit teh kuraanbibbelgeethasehab, the official constitution of andromeda without blinking an eye
7)age requirement:above ╤╜δ years in andromedian

The other requirements are in the 2nd page and hence insignificant, the important thing is having a mowhak, the rest aren't that important.

benefits if you become a prez:
many,too many,tooooooooooooooooooooooooo many
actually no one has ever counted(it will fill up approximately
13962648923146831428435782525756274.6767 TB of data to just write
about the benefits which is again a guess by a famous mathematician who
goes by the name ⌡○Æ≥╚⌐£τ )

10^89.3829728357487354 uiads(note: uiads are a modern measure of
time,however they can also be used to measure stupidy)


(for further info, interested candidates pls comment)


Arnab said...

Good one mate!! Now try to get a few readers too if you can :D

Anonymous said...



sruthi said...

Sorry... readers for these... [:P]

How about giving some insite into the benifits aswell..??

Maaayyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee beee then?

Ajit said...

Can you please clarify on the scale on which you measure stink the fart? DO you use the Euclidean method of unburned residues or p-si-bysta-30 test? Or is it something else? I have most of the requirements satisfied, assuming some are given as lower bound and not the exact ones..

Arnab said...

One of the most important features to be the president is to have the average number of legs of the galaxy which is exactly 3.14.

The last person who qualified for this died in the operation theatre of a cosmetic surgery.

Anonymous said...


u have to sport a "mowhak"!!!

and yeah,

the stink is measured using fartOscope. further details about this would be posted and again deleted in sometime.